Price, Specifications and Review of Genesis Coupe 2017


Recently after working hard in popularizing new products, namely Hyundai i20, Hyundai is now back to bring the new product with the more sexy body and steady namely Genesis Coupe 2017. Specification of New Hyundai Coupe is designed with a different look. The new body style of this sport car will make your driving more stable manner and also agile. Hyundai i20 as one type of Hyundai cars is much preferred. Moreover, with prices fairly cheap for this type of sports car, this will increasingly make this car very marketable.

Engine and Performance

Slightly different from the specification of Hyundai i20, Genesis Coupe 2017 comes with body sports car and features that are truly amazing. In the engine mounted in the car is already on a machine with super-size power 260 hp at 6000 rpm rotation. Type of ink is already using the technology Turbocharged Gas with type 14,2.0L with sufficient fuel economical. The news is surprising also been spread, that with complete specifications New Hyundai Coupe that has been circulated. The prices are still very cheap for the type of sports car sold.


Completeness of the features installed in the Genesis Coupe 2017 car will greatly make you comfortable and safe while driving. Even if the owner had to wear on the streets, they will be able to prove to be the toughness and sophistication of the interior features of the installation of the exterior. Selling price tag for completeness would Specification New Hyundai Coupe that has been installed, the sporty cars sold between the prices of 400 million to 500 million. Although it looks very expensive, compared to other sports cars and completeness are fitted together, the New Hyundai Coupe is a selection of the cheapest sports car will be its very complete.


Exterior and Safety

It is seen that the exterior design of this latest generation of Genesis Coupe 2017 experienced improvements on the front fascia or front display with medium-sized grill that has 2 horizontal lines that cross emblem accented chrome and chrome-accented. It also makes Genesis Coupe looks elegant.

Various types of production Hyundai ranging from vehicles to family, personal, cute and sexy body and sporty body have been released by Hyundai with a variety of prices and features. Specifications for New Hyundai Coupe are known as a sports car because its completeness is not much different from other types of sports cars. However, the price is cheap for the type of sports car that is the distinct advantage for Hyundai production when compared with other types of sports cars.