Proton New 2017 Handy Performance


As you know, Proton New 2017 is a vehicle that is made especially for a family or household purposes. The vehicle is on its way to launch so they’ve been redesigning and upgrading the features, performances and even, the design. Who says design does not play a great role? It certainly does because a good styling makes you feel good about your car, right? Besides, you wouldn’t want a disheveled looking car. Plus, it wouldn’t sell well. It should be a practical type of car because you need it in daily life. You don’t need something fancy if you were going to use it for household purposes. The thing you need to consider before buying this SUV is making sure that this newest SUV has enough big, roomy space – you’re surely going to need it. Well, modifications are also done here and there to make the performance even better. But, is the performance any good? Let’s find out together. Scroll forward!

Proton New 2017 Performance

The Proton New 2017 SUV is going to be based on the GM’s Lambda platform and Proton is using the concept of using lightweight materials to make it lighter. The materials include aluminum, steel, magnesium and a lot more that have not been mentioned here. The lighter the weight, the more the fuel performances will boost. And thankfully, the fuel performance will boost, all thanks to the lightweight materials they use. Besides, since the cabin is spacious, the upcoming SUV will be very useful for you!

The engine of this Proton new 2017 won’t be changed much – it remains the same like the previous ones. Only one engine is available but the results will be different considering the trim degree – it all depends on the trim degree. The power of this new Proton new 2017 engine is 3.6 liter V6 engine which is able to create up to 281 horsepower which is to be delivered to the front or all wheels that uses the 6 rate automatic transmission along with the 266 lb-ft of torque.

In conclusion, the performance of this newest Proton SUV is great since the vehicle is made of high quality materials and oh, the space! It will surely make you enjoy your ride and also, the security works well to keep your car secure. The features also come in a wide variety so, this Proton new 2017 will definitely suit you!