Purple Heart Car Donation: How to Help the Veterans


If you want to do something worthy and you find yourself having enough means of transportation yourself, you can always take part in Purple Heart car donation whose aim is to help the courageous veterans while giving people like you the opportunity to do good for the others. If you think that this foundation is just the same as any other charities, you should look again into their structure and goal.

What Is It All about?

Millions of courageous military personnel have risked their lives in the battlefield for us. They have sacrificed themselves for the sake of us by going to the most dangerous places on earth and doing the riskiest job ever. Often times, they may come home safely – and often times they may not. Being wounded or even disabled, these courageous people often have to deal with the harsh reality. They aren’t accepted at home. They lose their houses. They aren’t getting enough respect and honor. They aren’t recognized for their bravery and sacrifice. In short, they have done everything and yet they get little in return.

That’s why the Purple Heart foundation is created. It is created to help veterans adjust themselves to the modern world – to make the transformation easier and somehow friendlier. The foundation is set up so these men and women who have sacrificed themselves to the country feel accepted and helped through the hardship that they have received. If you have never been in the battlefield before and yet you know the horror of such a setting, then making a donation is something that you can do easily. After all, you should consider yourself lucky. You and your family can have a peaceful and well life while there are selfless people out there who put themselves on the line of danger every day just to make sure that you have the safe and happy life. Making the Purple Heart car donation is at least something that you can do to honor them.

What to Donate?

Naturally, in Purple Heart car donation, you can donate cars but it isn’t limited to cars only, really. You can donate RVs, boats, motorcycle, motor homes, and basically anything that is still in good condition – whether it is still running or not. If it is still running, it is great. But even when it is not running but the condition is still quite good, the foundation won’t mind. In the event that you don’t really have a vehicle to donate, no need to worry – there are other types of donations that you can do or make. Do you want to donate money? Do you want to donate clothes? Do you want to donate gifts or even stocks? They accept all kind of things! As the donor, you will be given a lot of easiness in adjusting your donation. Not to mention that your donation will result in tax deductable receipts – which can be used for your tax management. The idea is about giving back and doing good for others. When you are doing good for others, they will do the same. Reap what you sow. What goes around, comes around – it is as simple as that.

Money donation can be made by either check or credit card. And everything is made easy. You can manage it whether you only want to make one time donation or the continuous one. If you are clueless, you should ask the representative or the customer service – they will provide the information. They will also help and guide you along the way. In the event that you want to take part in the Purple Heart car donation, you can visit the online official website and manage the system. You’d be surprised to find out that managing the donation is pretty easy.

The Overall Process

So, what should you do when you want to have the Purple Heart car donation? You can visit the official website and fill in the online form. Or if you are clueless, call the provided contact number and ask for the local contact info in your area. They would want to know about the type of car you have and another information related to it. Then, they will arrange a pickup service where a tow service will pick your car up. This is a free service so you don’t need to pay anything. Within 14 to 15 days after it, you will get the tax deduction receipt that you can show to the IRS for the next time you pay your annual tax.

Don’t forget that you need to have a full and clear title over the vehicle, which means that it is no liens and the car is completely yours. In the event that there is a lien involved or there is another secured party being involved in the car’s title, you should include the lien release copy even if it has been paid off completely. You can include the title with the copy so there won’t be anything illegal suspected in the activity.

The Major Benefits

When compared to other donations or charities, there are some perks that you can enjoy:

  • You don’t have to worry about ‘ditching’ out the cars or deal with the expensive repair. You can donate the car and let the foundation do the repair.
  • You can enjoy a tax deduction feature – which is usually bigger than those gained in a transaction or trade
  • You don’t have to worry about any possible repair that you have to do in the future.
  • You don’t have to deal with the complication or fuss in finding any interested buyer or such thing alike

Keep in mind that doing good for others is always good for your conscious and your heart. If you want to help the veterans and you have extra to share, contacting the foundation will be a great option. You can always contact Purple Heart car donation if you want to help others while ‘getting rid’ of the extra car.