Range Rover Sport 2018: The Wait in Reveal


It seems that Range Rover is being secretive about the new Range Rover Sport 2018. They are completely silent about the whole deal and there hasn’t been much to release – except for some of the spyshot pictures when they are testing the new model – suspected as the new SVR Sport model.


It is true that the company is working on the current project for the Range Rover Sport updates considering that it is the mid cycle period. As the consequence, the updates will also happen to the SVR high performance variants. There have been photos of the seemingly suspected Range Rover Sport 2018 SVR prototype which may be launched together with the regular Sport trim. If everything goes as planned, they are made for the 2018 model.

It seems that the company has been a busy bee but they aren’t really talk-active about it. Maybe they want to keep it a secret so they can reveal it as a surprise – well, no one knows.


From the spyshot pictures, there have been some ideas about the overall idea and construction of the ride. It seems that they won’t change the basic design but there are going to be some refreshing factors, elements, and additions to make this vehicle more attractive – and it seems to be more modern too. The new updates can be viewed from the redesigned front side bumper. So far, it is the only thing visible from under the heavy cloak but we should know more about the Range Rover Sport 2018 updates once the vehicle is officially launched.


Besides the exterior changes, the updates will also happen on the mechanical area with the addition of new engine. It is using the engine installed for Jaguar SVR F-Type 2017 with the V8 supercharged 5.0 liter capacity delivering 550 hp of power. It seems that the mechanical tweaks aren’t the only things happening to this Sport variant. Interior cabin seems to get the same updates as some additional features are included, including better and advanced driver electronic assist technology.

Range Rover is pretty optimistic about this vehicle, claiming that the SVR Sport has already become a promising vehicle. Any updates and changes happening to the vehicle is simply an additional feature. Up until now, there hasn’t been any official release and confirmation about the launch of Range Rover Sport 2018, but it should be happening soon enough.

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