Rawhide Car Donation: The Faith-Based Charity


When you hear about Rawhide car donation program, you are probably wondering what the charity is all about. It is basically a charity supporting youth and focus on risk youth issues. With so many different charities mostly focusing on women, kids, or poverty, it is high time to have an organization that is focusing on the youth. After all, when you are contributing something to the cause, you can support the social work without dealing with fussy implementation.

Rawhide Car Donation: What the Charity Is about

Basically, the Rawhide car donation is run by the Rawhide, a religious social foundation that is set up in Wisconsin. Situated not far from the Wolf River, one of the scenic and beautiful locations in Wisconsin, Rawhide charity is a social charity that is able to offer a tax deduction benefit to the donors. The charity provides outpatient service for mental health programs as well as residential care for the risk youth focus. Not only they are focusing on the health and help of the youth, the program is also dedicated to the families. Being a religious and faith-based organization, the charity is determined to help the youth manage and run healthy lives – as well as the responsible ones. They have counseling clinics, aside from the service center and other organization spots.

The Rawhide car donation program is designed to support the programs in rawhide. Considering that Rawhide is focusing on the full continuum services and programs, it takes a lot of efforts and also funds to keep them running. The programs are designed as the prevention-based focus for youth and also families. Because they are focusing on helping youth, they understand the importance of having the right staffs and employees. Most of the staffs are professional, friendly, and caring – and they are all committed to create positive results and outcomes

Rawhide Car Donation: About the Organization

Rawhide charity has their own mission statement where they are trying to help others because of their dependency on God. They know the importance of healthy families in going through the responsible lives. The charity is focusing on the family centered education, treatment, and care – with the help and guidance of God. Their vision is to equip and inspire the youth and their families to restore, change, and be responsible in all aspects of their lives. The Rawhide car donation program itself is a non profit organization that as Bart Starr as the co-founder. He is the NFL legend and he helped co-founding the organization in 1965.

You probably think that your donation has no direct impact to the running of the organization. But you need to remember that each vehicle will mean a lot. Even a single car donation can significantly change lives. Not to mention that the charity accepts all kinds of vehicles, from trucks and cars to motorized vehicles and recreational vehicles. Feel free to give away any unused RV, motorcycle, jet ski, camper, motor home, ATV, boat, and even plane.

Rawhide Car Donation: Reasons to Donate to the Charity

There are several good reasons why you should take part in the Rawhide car donation program, such as:

  • The charity will accept all kinds of vehicles in any condition. Even when your vehicle isn’t running or there are slight damages to it, they will happily accept it.
  • The charity will cannel most of the proceeds to the charity. You can be sure that at least 83% of the money will be used to directly fund the risk youth treatment programs.
  • You can be sure that you can enjoy higher tax deduction rate. When compared to other charities, you can expect up to 48% higher percentage for the tax deduction perk.
  • The Rawhide charity has been embedded deeply within the community so you can expect a real result and also a good support and company.
  • The charity will arrange free transport and pick up service. They have a nationwide network so they should be able to reach you in any area or region you are located in.

Rawhide Car Donation: Some Important Information

There are some things you need to understand and remember when you want to participate in the Rawhide car donation program. Naturally, besides accepting car donations, they also accept money or bus. In the event that you want to know more about what other types of items they accept (or not) for the donation, it would be better to consult them. In most general cases, they don’t accept computer equipment, appliances, and timeshares.

According to the IRS regulations, you can claim up to $500 if your car is sold at less than the amount. If it is sold for more than $500, you can claim for higher tax deduction – close the fair market value. But it would be wise if you can consult any tax advisor or consultant. It is even advisable that you hire one when you want to claim for your tax break. The tax deduction application depends on the situation on how your car is used by the charity. For instance, in some cases, you can expect a higher tax deduction when the car is used as the charity’s means of transportation. Instead of being sold, the car is likely used in the charities’ activities – to deliver groceries, to transport the members to the doctors, and such things alike. It would be best if you can consult a pro and have their guidance during the claim.

Don’t forget to find out the details about DMV report. Do you have to return the license plate back to the DMV or not? Do you have to fill in a certain form? What are other requirements do you need to fulfill? Don’t forget to ask them whether they will need a title for the vehicle’s ownership. Some charities may accept vehicles without the title – but they may require other arrangements. Find out the details about it so you can prepare everything before the actual donation process. If you can anticipate everything and prepare the details, you should have no worries when dealing with the Rawhide car donation program.

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