Revealing the New 2017 Dodge Durango Limited Specs, Feel the Sensation!


Car is important vehicle in our life. The car can help us in do every activity. Besides, the car of course has mean as luxury symbol. But in this era, Car has meant not only about luxury but also about freshness and life style. One of choice of the perfect car is 2017 Dodge Durango Limited. It is known as big and curvaceous crossovers of the car. This new Durango has the power trains. The power trains include 295hp and it can go through distance by the fuel 3.6-liter V-6 or the power trains has 360 hp for 5.7-liter and Hemi V-8. The both of power train types is also offering the rear of the wheels or all wheel guises for drive. All of wheels can go through the distance about the automatic of eight speeds. The automatic of eight speeds includes standard and the wheel can be categorized longer wheel.


2017 Dodge Durango Limited interior has seats. The amounts of the seats are three rows. The first row shows the highest level. Besides, the interior is about the seat. The interior of Durango is also equipped with comfortable chairs and the size of the chair is large, is supported by pronounced lateral support and lowers back support which is excellent, and also the headrests which is comfortable. Besides, the new Durango car has special feature especially for the LED. The LED is backlight and the color is blue. The LED has function when you are going across a small place, where is located the various controls. The wheel has three spoke steering wheels. The three spoke steering wheels are often called multifunctional and the appearance of it looks monumental and also chic appearance. The new Durango has the grip which is comfortable and provided control.

The role of Durango engine has six cylinder gasoline and the displacement of this car`s engine is 3.6 liter. The power of Durango`s machine or engine is 295 horsepower. Then, the engine is already modified the version which is 3.6-liter engine. This modified engine is designed for a special version of this car. It can be called the Rallied. Although, There are the difference of this car`s engine especially the power. The power is only 5 horsepower and includes Top HEMI engine. HEMI engine can provide the presence. The presence of Durango` car is the eight cylinders and the volume is 5.7 liters. This engine actually includes the aspirated engine. However, This Durango engine only make 360 horsepower. All engines of this 2017 Dodge Durango Limited are equipped with one 7-speed transmission which is automatic. Besides, the gearbox has 9 percent especially in reduction. The reduction of gearbox is in the level of fuel consumption which compared the previous version.

2017 Dodge Durango Limited Price

Exterior and Safety

2017 Dodge Durango Limited is equipped with safety facilities in this car. So, the customers of this car feel safe and comfortable in the way. The safety facilities are front and rear head airbags, mounted airbags which is dual front side, seat anchors for the child, Remote anti-theft which includes alarm system, Emergency braking assist, Rear door which the specific is for child safety locks and of course the airbag occupant sensing deactivation for the passenger. Besides, the airbag of this 2017 Dodge Durango Limited is very important in this car because it can avoid attack and accident so the passenger is even safe and does not hurt.