Review of Electric Car 2017 Nissan Leaf Redesign


Nissan announced recently developing the latest Leaf electric car called 2017 Nissan Leaf Redesign. The electric car was also touted in accordance with market expectations, which could have far more mileage. Nissan stated the car will come out in 2016 it can go up to a distance of 250 km on a full battery state.

Engine and Performance

Battery electrical system of 2017 Nissan Leaf Redesign was improved thanks to the combination of materials such as carbon, nitrogen, and magnesium. As a result, electricity on the electrode can improve vehicle performance. The layout of the battery cells also play an important role to achieve the maximum distance of 250 km. Nissan itself provide a warranty of up to 160 thousand km for the 2016MY Leaf 30kWh battery. Although more sophisticated, Nissan stated how battery recharging remains as simple as the previous generation. Car owners can recharge the battery at home, at a public recharging. Quick Charger or networks provides electricity 400V.


2017 Nissan Leaf Redesign is also embed a number of features on this 2016MY Leaf. Among these are the features Maintenance Alert, Car Finder Facility, and the latest navigation systems. See also replaced the head unit touch screen 7-inch models. The surplus, the system can inform the user about the condition of the battery and the estimated remaining battery.

Exterior and Safety

2017 Nissan Leaf Redesign is increased by 26 percent over previous versions. It was thanks to the use 30kWh battery installed Nissan. The latest development of batteries that have the same dimensions with the type of 24kWh but its capacity is greater. In addition, the weight of the car battery is also lighter by 21 kg. Its latest flagship is also equipped with safety features to ensure the safety of the driver and passengers in the cabin. It is also pinning system MATT which combines center lockable and rear differential and there is also Super Select 4WD for maximum traction and stability in all terrain. MATT is well proven and tested in the world rally.


This Nissan Leaf is going to come with Bronze color as superior color. Nissan plans to sell the car in Europe in January 2016. It is predicted that the rates for the 2016 Leaf in the range of US $ 37 thousand or approximately USD 518 million. According to Al throughout 2015 yesterday, it is successfully selling as many as 369 units to the consumers in the country. The figure is quite good for the size of a luxury vehicle in our country given the unit also must be imported directly from the United States.

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