Review of New Chevy Avalanche Model


Everybody is familiar with New Chevy Avalanche Model. Model of this car is the dream of family, especially in our country. You need to know that this car is a family car that is most in interest and even Chevy Avalanche is also able for partner working or for daily needs. Oh yes, the New Chevy Avalanche is also nicknamed by million people because this car has a lot on the streets all over our country. This type of car is the most successful in the automotive market and to continue its success. The New Chevy Avalanche has made changes. It is a change from the previous car in production in 2016. At each change is done by the manufacturer, always brings features that are more sophisticated than ever. All this is done to fulfill the needs of loyal customers. With the reasonable price, the Avalanche Model has a price tag of 200 million. Of course it makes the manifold having a high-tech features and interior features that provide comfort when driving. For those of you who want to know more about the car on this one, you can see reviews of specs that is already summarized fully below.

Engine and Performance

New Chevy Avalanche Model is a name that means speed and deserved this name is given on this car, because this car has a formidable pace with 1500 cc engine. Besides having a strong performance, it is also supported with stylish design and aerodynamics. It indeed has an exterior that looks more luxurious compared to the previous generation. It can mate automotive viewed from all sides at the Avalanche Model. After immediately the button Start / Stop is pressed, the roar of 2,995 cc V6 engine drifted.

Exterior and Safety

This New Chevy Avalanche Model uses aluminum in 20% of the body construction to make weight be lighter, other parts are made with mild steel. Consequently, the weight of this car is 15% lighter than similar cars, exactly 1,770 kg. The use of 19-inch alloy rims feels able to support Chevy with good control. When the driver converts into comfort mode, the air suspension also reacts with great tenderness and responses. Engine and transmission are also changed.



One of the strengths of the New Chevy Avalanche Model is the adoption of the trunk door with lift-back models. Therefore, the rear glass rose up when you open the trunk, so that the owners can easily include baggage such as golf bags.

Today’s consumer country can propose a four-door New Chevy Avalanche via general importers at a price of USD 1.8 billion.