Review of Nissan Titan Diesel for Sale


Bored with most pickup design? In the near future Nissan will launch Nissan TITAN Diesel, pickup future for the bad guys. Currently the central concept car world debut at the Detroit Auto Show in 2016. Titan is back is the best phrase describing for Nissan at the North American International Auto Show 2016 to greet the Nissan Titan Diesel for Sale. Titan full-size pickup is believed capable of providing prominent tough, yet still comes with a design and premium quality. 2016 Nissan Titan was first exhibited XD Titan Crew Cab 2016. The car is expected to be sold in the US at the end of 2016.

Engine and Performance

This creates a new class of truck for pickup segment bringing goods with greater capacity and equipped with new engines Cummins 5.0L Turbo Diesel V8 that can produce 310 hp and torque to 752 Ibs-ft. With massive V8 and V6 petrol engine will be available also. We see that the needs of full-size pickup segment in North America are previously met. Car transporter with great power but still comfortable is relatively little. Therefore, they present you Titan XD, as the answer to those needs. The production version of TITAN Warrior will be strengthened diesel engine 5.0-liter V8 Turbo. Spur heart equal to that of the all-new TITAN XD. In the TITAN XD models, these engines to catapult power 390 hp and 401 lb-ft of torque.


Exterior and Safety

Nissan Titan 2016 is developed as a vehicle that is tough and can alleviate the workload owners. Lamp grille, hood to bumper pinned stand out as if to show the muscle of the vehicle. LED lights are pinned in the front and rear so that gives a modern impression in this car. The front is designed with two upright stems at an angle has been adjusted. Its appearance was a little bit of elegant with LED lights. The body is covered with matte-gunmetal paint to reflect the impression of “Thunder” plus orange and black accents. The rear lights also use LED. Adding to the impression of luxury, chrome panels are installed in several parts of the body and a rim with multi-spoke models.

This big change is not only on the face but also includes some other important parts, including improvements in the machinery sector thanks to the presence of automatic transmission 8-speed Direct Shift. It offers extreme design, there is no mercy. It is very aggressive. Besides, it also has athletic body intended for on-road or off-road terrain. Nissan has always had a design out of the box in the automotive world, ranging from the Nissan GT-R until TITAN.