Scion FRS 2017: The Upcoming Updates


What to expect from the Scion FRS 2017? Well, for a starter, it was called the Toyota 86 but with major/minor updates. The changes are happening more on the surface with deeper insight. Not only the 86 got the new front side and rear side appearance, the company added powertrain and chassis. Does it make the vehicle more powerful and better in performance?

Why was the update to Scion FRS 2017 done? Toyota wants to make a better and more comfortable driving machine. After all, they want to compete against some of the powerful brands like Porsche Cayman or Beemer M3, so it is no wonder if Toyota is getting serious about it.

So, what can you expect from the new physical appearance of the Scion FRS 2017? The cosmetic facelifts happening on the rear and front are affecting the aerodynamics of the ride. There are some changes happening to the vehicle, such as stiffer shocks and springs on the front suspension. There is also friction reduction on the inside area of the shocks. Will it improve the performance and safety? You bet it will! Not to mention that the suspension on the back is softened to reduce the NVH amount. With softer shocks and springs on the back, the ability of the ride to tackle turns will improve.

Besides the improved ability to tackle bumpy roads and turns, the TRAC system (previously known as the Vehicle Stability Control) is improved. The construction of the body is improved with beefed front strut tower design and extra metal inside the transmission tunnel. And the cool thing, the weight remains the same as the previous line even with the addition features and benefits.

The TRD version has been tested in the hilly country and it was quite nice. But you need to remember that not everyone likes the ideas of having a growling vehicle. For those with delicate ears, the growl of this vehicle is painful for their ears. But then again, different people have different opinions.

It would be nice if the company can do something about the overall exterior construction, such as adding a coupe – that won’t hurt anyone, right? Or if you are focusing on the functionality, having a solid sedan style with more curves and lines won’t hurt anyone for the Scion FRS 2017, right?