Scion Tc 2017 Spotted on Dubai, Let’s What Has Changed!


Scion sale in the first four years is very encouraging, but the decline began to occur associated with Toyota acceleration crisis and global recession in the next years. Another factor is the impression of youth to the brand Toyota also changing. Toyota becomes the brand that is considered more carries aspirations. As mentioned by Automotive News, close to Toyota Scion is a dilemma, but on the other hand Toyota indicates to try to strengthen the image among young people. Toyota plans to make a rapid transition. Told by Automotive News, Scion TC 2017 will go on sale in August of this year. CH-R crossover concept that came from the LA Auto Show 2015 will be thrown into the market in 2017 and brought the Toyota name. The production version will be showcased at the Geneva Motor Show next month. Toyota also has planned to update the model of Scion TC coupe after the 2016 model year.

Engine and Performance

Toyota said that this Scion Tc 2017 will not be followed by cessation of production. In addition, partnerships with Mazda and Subaru, which has been a partner in developing Scion, will also be continued.


Buyers of Scion Tc 2017 are young and currently considering Scion is a brand with class under the Toyota. It is understandable given the selling price of the Scion mostly less than 22 thousand US dollars.

Exterior and Safety

Carter also told Automotive News about a fundamental change in the attitude of the young buyers to the Scion Tc 2017 that is also as the reason to take exterior and safety. He said that at that time, Generation X, a term for young people a decade ago, are reluctant to drive a car of the same brand as their parents and grandparents, but the generation of millennium, the designation for the current generation, see Toyota as a brand is more popular than Scion.

2017 scion tc concept

Investment and attention to the Scion lineup suffered when a crisis acceleration of Toyota is also in recession. Towards the end of 2015, sales were at the lowest point. For 13 years, Toyota can be fairly successfully presenting Scion sub-brand for young people in America at that time assume the car with the Toyota logo is only suitable for older people. Along with the increasingly strong image of Toyota, especially for young people in America, the replacement of the logo into a Toyota Scion is the right step to save the Scion.