Shaking the Market with 2017 Subaru Outback, Outstanding Performance


Subaru introduces two types of new cars for 2017 models, the 2017 Subaru Outback and Legacy Touring Sport. Not long ago, Subaru presents Subaru Outback in 2017 for the American market. The car debuts a brand-new security feature called Reverse Automatic Braking. Although this new two variants offered for the North American market, but at least for those consumers Subaru in the country can consider and anticipate if these two models sold in our country. For consumers who choose Outback Touring models, you will get what is on offer at the highest variant Subaru, such as 18-inch alloy wheels, grille dark gray, low-profile roof rails and several emblems unique that differentiate it from the standard variant.

Engine and Performance

According to some sources, 2017 Subaru Outback is offered in two engine options, the 2.5-liter engine-powered 175 hp four-cylinder or six-cylinder engine-powered 256 hp. Subaru Outback Touring become ammunition in the SUV segment with an output of 2,500 cc 175 hp. There is also a more powerful variant with a heart pacemaker 6-cylinder 3600 cc capable of spewing power of 256 hp. Meanwhile, Subaru Legacy Sport is playing in the saloon segment, armed Subaru Boxer engine 2500 cc, 175 hp coupled with a CVT automatic transmission system.


Looking at interior or cabin, you will find leather brown color across the surface of the panel, which is sweetened with wood-grain accents and a piano-black. A heated steering wheel is also being featured on this model, coupled with a 7.0 inch screen that comes for infotainment.


Exterior and Safety

As for the Sport Legacy, Subaru give a fillip to the exterior appearance, including adding grille with dark gray color, black fog lights outskirts, and alloy wheels measured 18 inches and a chrome-plated accents. Color of gray and black are two-tone colors that dominate the interior, which contrasted with blue accent stitching. Carbon fiber pattern applied to the dashboard and door panels. This model also comes with infotainment system with a screen measuring 7.0 inches. Subaru debuted several safety features through the Outback, including automatic reverse braking. Reverse automatic braking is also a standard device on the Legacy Sport, while the high beam assist are also pinned for the first time at the Legacy models. Embedding these features aim to help drivers avoid a collision when the car into reverse. How it works by utilizing four ultrasonic sonar sensors located in the rear bumper. Once the sensor reading of the potential danger, the car’s speed will be automatically terminated. Both flagship models are also equipped with new features that enhance the ability of headlights.