The Silent and the Fast 2017 GLK 350


The use of large-sized premium SUV is commonplace by Hollywood stars, especially for their daily transportation. Finally, the predicate use of large luxury SUV is attached to the glamorous lifestyle. The latest ad from the F1 team Mercedes AMG Petronas shows how Lewis Hamilton, F1 world champion, with a neat suit chased the photographer when using large-sized luxury SUV. Unique, that’s the car we tested here. It is Mercedes-Benz 2017 GLK 350. Our country is the second country after India that assembles seven-passenger SUV locally in addition to its main plant in Tuscaloosa, USA. Car typical Hollywood hand the results of our country workers is sold at Rp 1,669 billion (OFR).

Engine and Performance

Press the start / stop button of 2017 GLK 350, 3.0-liter turbo-diesel engine-powered 258 hp at 3,600 rpm rotation and has a torque of 620 nm ranging from 1600-2400 rpm smooth start roaring. Although it is silent, it has powerful energy. Mercedes claims the figure of 100 kph can be reached in 7.9 seconds. The driver can feel the ‘subtle but powerful impetus powerful’ when accelerated, pushing the body more ‘intimate’ with the car seat. In Eco mode, the engine will automatically shut off when stopped some time in order to conserve fuel. It is recorded consumption of 8.3 kpl combinations thereof. Not bad for a car of the GL-Class.


When we first saw 2017 GLK 350, great stature of 5.120 meters long, 2.141 meters wide and 1.850 meters high is very intimidating yourself when took it to the streets of the city. 21-inch AMG wheels cannot even be said to be great for the car body’s proportions. The feeling deepened when sitting in the driver seat is positioned high. Likewise, when looking towards the back and realized its length up to the size of cabin baggage. However, the impression began to fade when enjoying all the seats are wrapped in leather and very comfortable holding the body of the driver.


Exterior and Safety

Unfortunately, there are differences in character when driving fast and relaxed required concentration, especially in the control of the 2017 GLK 350. When in low speed or parking, wheel weights are very, very light, sometimes it makes forget the dimensions of the car. When deciding on the weight of the wheel increases sped to safety, but the addition is very noticeable than ever before so that made me a little nervous sometimes. For suspension, there is a choice Sport or Comfort in the center console, but the difference was not felt in the streets and still provides comfort in the cabin. Unfortunately, when the speed began to increase this suspension makes the car quite shook and swung when bolted in Jakarta toll road.

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