Silverado Cheyenne 2017 Redesign, Specs and Pictures


Silverado Cheyenne 2017 is a pickup that many encounter. The car is car pickup highly count on by many people. The average car users are entrepreneurs who use it as a transport truck. Indeed, the car itself is designed specifically as a transport truck. It is issued with two different types. The first type is with a diesel engine and the second type is with a gasoline engine. Both types have advantages and disadvantages of each.

Engine and Performance

Car that uses gasoline has advantages in the acceleration. Acceleration gasoline engine counterpart is superior to diesel engines. Engine vibration is also almost imperceptibly. This makes the car users become more comfortable in using it. However, for engines using gasoline fuel has some drawbacks one of which is wasteful of fuel. Cheyenne 2017 has a gasoline car fuel consumption power very much. Especially when used for transporting heavy goods or for the uphill road this car would be very wasteful. As for the cars that use diesel fuel have advantages in fuel economy. Indeed, for machines that use diesel fuel itself has long been known to be more efficient compared to petrol. In addition the car is also more beneficial when used for transporting heavy goods or for the ramp. It is very reasonable because diesel engines are in use almost the same as a truck engine. But the diesel engine itself has a weakness in the acceleration. In addition, this diesel engine vibration over rough.


In Silverado Cheyenne 2017, there are hand resting place for the driver is also there, there is a compass in the car, the door lock with the power that can be programmed, door lock for children, the car cabin lights were perfectly adequate.

Exterior and Safety

For car itself until today still uses the box design that is very elegant. The design of the box itself is actually a  Cheyenne 2017 car design that is issued in the 70s. But the design is still maintained as a characteristic of this pickup truck. It proved to be the main attraction for its customers. Indeed, for many current pickups with the latest design but design cars to remain competitive. In addition to the design of the box is the size of a large tub that is also a consumer appeal. Pickup which has a large tub that size is very beneficial because it can accommodate items with more. Prices of the car itself are also very affordable at around 150 millions for each unit.