The Sophisticated car of 2017 Toyota Rav4 Ev Review


Every people of course need vehicle to do a lot of activities. Every people in this era need it to make the activities become easier and simple. One of vehicle is car. Car is important to every activity of the people. The people usually need it to go in the far area. So, many people decide to buy the car. The up-to-date car for this year is Toyota. Toyota is not strange again in the ear. It is the brand which is the most well known in Indonesia. The new coming car for Toyota which becomes favorites is 2017 Toyota Rav4 Ev. Toyota RAV4 EV is started to be produce in 2012 and always get reformation every year especially in 2017. This car is known about the good quality vehicle. The vehicle is electrified. The new Toyota RAV4 EV has the major for improvement. It has the power train of engine, much quicker of the speed, and of course equipped with capacity of superior cargo and driving range which is comparable.

Exterior and interior

Exterior and Interior design of 2017 Toyota Rav4 Ev is definitely different from the other cars. It is very good looking in the appearance because it includes SUV type of car. The extra designed of the new Toyota Rav4 Ev is appropriate to drive in the terrains area or road area. The wheels of new Toyota Rav4 Ev are 18.0-inch for alloy wheels because it is very capable to drive everywhere what you want. All the lights of Toyota redesign in this generation. Besides, the regeneration is Grille. Grille is one of the upgrade Toyota in this generation of 2017. Toyota is the brand of company which is offering various excellent and great exterior color options and the cabin of new 2017 Toyota RAV4 EV is supported by recognizable shape. The function of this car always get improved and updated so it is very effective.



The engine for new 2017 Toyota RAV4 EV is made from lithium ion battery which the value is 42 kWh. It can produce 154 horsepower and the torque which amount of it is more than 218 lb/ft. new RAV4 EV can reach the higher of top speed and it can be faster to accelerate also. The range of this kind of engine develops than previous year because of it use the more carbon of fiber and aluminum also in the chassis.