Sophisticated Features of BMW 5 Series


In contrast to the family of the other BMW 5 Series, BMW 5 Series 528i to not directly produced in Germany but comes to our country in the form of separate and must be assembled first. Born in 2009 which is the oldest in the family BMW 5 Series, it is not left behind in terms of technology and sophisticated features.

Engine and Performance

In carrying machine parts 6 Cylinders In Line Engine 4 Valve Technology with an engine capacity of 2996 cc, this machine is more powerful than the 520i variant, the amount of power of 258 hp at 6000 rpm, while peak torque of 310 Nm at 2600 rpm. Combustion system adheres is Variable Camshaft Control (VANOS) with gasoline as fuel. For you fans of luxury BMW 5 Series, now it’s your turn to get the good news. Yes, now the BMW has officially launched one of their flagship products the BMW 5 Series or BMW 5 series. Even in the launch of this car, BWM seem very ambitious, there are at least five variants of the BMW 5 Series which has managed to be launched, the BMW 520i Modern, Luxury BMW 528i, BMW 535i M Sport, the BMW 520d Modern, and the last BMW M5.


BMW 5 Series comes with a myriad armed with superior features sophisticated typical of BMW cars in general, and certainly those features are not owned by the similar cars from other brands. Want to know what the advanced features available on the latest BMW 5 series? The first is the navigation system, in which the navigation system in the new BMW 5 Series is the latest and most sophisticated of its class. Screen monitor 10.2″ existing in the BMW 5 Series has been designed specifically to be able to read the handwriting he once did, cool. Not only that, actually other advanced features offered by the latest BMW 5 series are still many, ranging from iDrive system that resembles a touch pad, TV, DVD to hard drive capacity of 20 GB to store various files such as songs. To be sure that everyone will be very happy.

Exterior and Safety

As for the view, no doubt the latest BMW 5 Series has a view that looks so sporty and dynamic with their extra folds on the apron of the car. In addition, the design of the rear lights LED technology Thin Blade leaner, headlights Bi-Xenon technology also contributes to make this car look sporty.