South Carolina Auto Accident Attorney: The Need of Professionals in South Carolina


Knowing what you can get from professional South Carolina auto accident attorney is important. After all, why would you hire a lawyer from the first place if not for handling your case? That’s why knowing the details of the process and also the follow through of the case will be super important. But then again, not all lawyers will be straightforward and be willing to explain everything to you. In some cases, they may be like ,’You don’t need to know anything. Just leave it to us and you will only have to enjoy the result.’ Well, it may sound convenient but it can turn ugly on the end.

The Condition

Do you know that there are around 5 millions of car crashes happening in America alone on a yearly basis? According to the statistics, car crash happens one in every six seconds in America. In South Carolina alone, about two to three people are killed in a car crash every day – which is a grim fact. Within the last 10 years, more than 800 deaths of car accidents are happening in South Carolina and the incidents also result in thousands of injuries. Statistics also show that the roads in this area are somewhat more dangerous than other states. The death rate for car accident per a hundred million of miles is around 1.57 which is higher than the national standard, 1.09. It is no wonder if Disease Control and Prevention Center consider the auto safety as a serious public health issue.  And it is no wonder if the professional service of South Carolina auto accident attorney is needed,

Naturally, the service of South Carolina auto accident attorney is given for counseling, support, accompaniment, and guidance. It is pretty normal if you are clueless about the legal matter considering that it is not an easy subject to cover. Having a legal representative that will act on your behalf is crucial, as well as someone who can give you support and assistance along the way. If you have the solid proof and evidence, it is most likely that you can settle the matter out of court. But still, you need to have a good negotiation skill to gain a satisfying compensation and fruitful outcome. In the event that you case goes to the court, you will even need the help from the lawyer. So, be sure that you are actually doing something beneficial – and you can also expect the benefits – when you hire the lawyer.

The Qualification You Seek

Choosing the right attorney isn’t a matter of simply choosing whoever willing to work on your case. You want someone credible. You want someone trustworthy. You want someone you can work with. You want someone who can support you as well. And finding such qualities can be really difficult these days, especially with lots of people are more interested in your money than solving your problem.

But don’t you worry. There are some basic qualifications that you want from professional South Carolina auto accident attorney, and they are:

  • Empathy and understanding. You want a lawyer who understands what you have gone through. Sometimes, you only want someone to listen and care for you. Sure, having the compensation and the settlement is great but it is more about the people – how life is affected after the accident. And only the professional who can understand it and respect it. You want someone who is compassionate about you and your personal life.
  • Experience and familiarity. You want someone who has been through all kinds of cases and situations. Although most people say that the car accident is typical, there is nothing typical about it. Each case is different – how it happens, how it affects the people who are involved, how it changes lives, etc. Nothing is the same. It would be best if you can choose someone who isn’t only care about your problem but also takes it personally and directly.
  • Knowledge and expertise. Car accidents may cover a wide term. Fender bender would be different from rollovers. Rear end collision will be different from head on incident. Accidents from drunk drivers and distracted drivers will be different from accidents from negligence or reckless drivers. Interstate pile ups and multi vehicle collisions will be totally different. And only a professional attorney who knows how to deal with each case and how to come up with the best result.
  • Support and assistance. A real and professional South Carolina auto accident attorney won’t add your burden. Instead, they will lift off your burden and provide only the best support. The professional lawyer knows how to make sure that their clients get the medical care – and how to obtain records about it. They know which providers to contact. They can help with your financial problems – get the medical bills paid, make sure that your car is fixed and repaired, and other details. You can be sure that they will take care of everything. Let them do the work and you can focus on your life – how to recover from the incident and how to move on.

Discussing Details

It is important that you discuss things in details before hiring any professional attorney. Talk about everyone’s obligation and rights – and the possible consequences if any of you violate it. Talk about what kind of cooperation and agreement that you expect from each other. And most importantly, talk about the lawyer’s fee.

Although most lawyers would charge the contingency fee, the percentage can be quite big. Not to mention that you will be responsible for the expenses. Discuss the possible outcome of the fee arrangement. For instance, the standard contingency fee from out of court settlement is 33% of the total settlement and the lawyer won’t be responsible for the expenses during the investigation or the process. It is possible that you talk things through so they would want to lower their percentage. Or it is possible that they have the fee included expenses. Such a thing can be – and SHOULD BE –discussed with your future South Carolina auto accident attorney.