Sporty and Charming Design of ATS 2017


ATS 2017 produces modern and stylish look that is aligned with the front display. Even with chrome accent lines were seen together with the lights in the middle of the rear body makes this car look more luxurious and modern. For more detail, see the detail here.

Engine and Performance

Using 2ZR-FE engine with 16-valve DOHC engine with dual VVT-i, which has a capacity of 1.8-liter engine, it will provide maximum power that reaches 151 Ps at the engine speed to 6400 RPM with a maximum torque of 19.9 kgm at engine speed of 4000 RPM. Using manual and automatic transmission with a 6-speed will deliver power both for acceleration. Power and acceleration that are high enough makes the Toyota Corolla ATS considered very suitable driving on urban roads which have the character of stop and go or for inter-city roads that require high speed.


Furthermore, to the interior of ATS 2017, it has an interior theme of Iconic Dynamism with the storage capacity of 5 passengers. The interior of the car has a roomy size with quality interior material. It will provide good comfort for headroom and legroom. In Grade V variants have the luxury of reclining seat form that provides easy cleaning. Rear sun shade provides comfort to be exposure to sunlight into the cabin of Toyota Corolla ATS. This sedan also has a system of advanced audio specially developed V Grade has a touch screen 6.85 “TFT. Advanced Audio System is able to connect to the Internet, can pass movie playback of DVD and can read audio files in a USB device so as to produce audio quality pamper the passengers and driver during the long trip. For cooling features, ATS is also equipped with Automatic Cooler Panel with automatic mode on the variant V Grade and manual mode with the play button on the variant G Grade thus providing coolness temperature with full comfort.

Exterior and Safety

From the outside or the exterior design of this specification Toyota Corolla ATS 2017 has the impression of a more sporty, luxurious and charming in all exteriors. On the front fascia display that has accent headlamps with projector-type HID lamp is incorporated with a radiator grille design of T-Shape moderate size makes the Toyota Corolla looks very sporty and charming. Even with the city lights or Daytime Running Light or DRL which type LED makes this car more stylish when crossing the streets at dusk. Supporting medium-sized front bumper with chrome accents on the bumper and fog lamp underneath a futuristic will give the impression of Toyota Corolla luxurious and sporty. While on the side, it looks quite simple accent design alloy wheels which modern Grade V that will produce an elegant impression. Switching display rear fascia, specification of Toyota Corolla shows rear-combination lamp.