St. Louis Auto Accident Attorney: Avoiding Certain Types of Lawyers


Not all people understand the importance of hiring St. Louis auto accident attorney. If you live in the area, you probably think that the number of car accident isn’t that high so all the resolution and the settlements can be done on their own. But let’s not forget that different conditions have different circumstances. Most accidents may be minor but it doesn’t mean that you won’t need a professional lawyer some day. And although most cases can be settled easily – or at least without drama – you can’t really say that you won’t find such an issue later on. It is always better prepared than sorry.

Informing Your Insurance Company

One of the major roles or functions of the St. Louis auto accident attorney is to provide information, assistance, and also accompaniment to clients. Information concerning the insurance company is one of the things that most people don’t know. You see, not everyone knows that they should inform their insurance company when there is a car incident – no matter how small or simple it is. A fender bender is considered small for most drivers and auto owners so they tend to neglect it and not informing the incident right away. In the end, such a thing can lead to more serious issue that will end up with your claim being rejected.

When you hire a professional St. Louis auto accident attorney service, this is the kind of crucial information that you can get from your lawyer. Being one of the experts in the industry has made them aware of different kinds of situations, schemes, and even tricks. Auto accident lawyers want to make sure that their clients (which mean you) get the fair settlement because it means that they will get paid too. They will make sure to avoid such miscommunication which can lead to your claims being rejected and your case being lost. When you have a professional lawyer by your side, making such a seemingly simple mistake, like failing to notify your insurance company, can be avoided.

Just don’t forget to call the important parties when the incident happens, especially the insurance company. If the incident is small without any casualties, the insurance company and the police will be enough. You won’t need to call 911 or the ambulance. But the more serious the incident is, the more parties you should have within the scene: the medical assistance, 911, police, and the representative from the insurance company. If you already have hired a professional St. Louis auto accident attorney, you can call one and have him present at the scene to take care of the case and represent you.

Types of Lawyers to Avoid

Although the idea of hiring a skilled St. Louis auto accident attorney seems like a good one, you should screen the candidate carefully. Don’t hastily accept any lawyer that showers you with sweet words and promises. In fact, there are some obvious signs of lawyers that you should avoid:

  • Lawyers who are promising too much. You have done your research and yet you can’t really find such a thorough background for him. When you ask for past reference or past experience, you don’t really understand the meaning of his words because he showers you with too sweet and too-good-to-be-true promises.
  • Lawyers who have shady pasts. You consider this lawyer because he has a good skill despite his shady and not-so-good past experience. But when you ask for an explanation or whether he has a logical explanation about it, he seems to avoid the topic. Instead, he speaks too much about other unimportant stuff or he blamed the other party for the past mistake he made. He blamed others and considered them responsible for the mistake.

The lists of St. Louis auto accident attorney that you should avoid goes on, including these types of people:

  • Lawyers who have no interest in helping you but he is more interested in your money, instead. This kind of lawyer is pretty obvious. He shows little interest in your case but he only makes promises that he will try his best. He doesn’t show any enthusiasm when you ask his about his plan to deal with the case. He only says that he will develop a plan later and it is a guarantee that it will work out well – and yet he doesn’t willing to provide the details to you.
  • Lawyers who are too confident about himself and simply disrespect you. A true lawyer will listen to you – after all, you are his client and he will represent you. Whatever his action is, it will be based on the understanding (and also the agreement) between both of you. When a lawyer decides to do everything on his own, completely ignores you, and only asks you to trust him – no matter what – simply walk away. This kind of lawyer doesn’t deserve your attention and also your money.
  • Lawyers who can’t be talked to or discussed with. Lawyers with difficult attitude will be hard to work with. While in reality, you want someone who you can be comfy with because you will be working as a team – and you will definitely spend a lot of time together. Don’t you think it would be hellish and difficult when you have to work with someone that you aren’t comfortable with?

The Initial Discussion

Hiring a professional legal representative is crucial but be sure that you understand your rights and obligations before hiring one. Get a clear understanding and have a thorough discussion about everything, including the fee. The standard contingency fee for auto accident lawyers is 33% for out of court settlement and 40% for court settlement. But if you can discuss it and have a further discussion, the percentage can go lower. In short, the standard regulations, obligations, or fee of a professional lawyer isn’t set in stone. As long as you can talk it out or have a deep discussion with St. Louis auto accident attorney professionals, you should be good to go.