Strong Impression of Skoda Octavia 2017


You may hear about the Czech state or we call Republic. In this country, there is a famous automotive company in Europe named Skoda. Skoda Auto is a manufacturer that its action had long once the year 1895. This is a specialist manufacturer of small and medium cars like Toyota that we know here. Skoda is also running as the biggest industry in Czechoslovakia then still joined Slovakia. The country still adopts the Communists once so that Skoda is designed as a people’s car priced for the welfare of the people of Czechoslovakia. After communism eradicated from the country in 1990 it was privatized by the Czech Skoda began, and who obtained the right stock is Volkswagen Auto in Germany. Until now Skoda is a subsidiary of VW and increasingly dominates the market, even Skoda does not only play in the European market, but has penetrated into India and China. This time we will review the Skoda Octavia 2017 which is somewhat hyperbolic name.

Engine and Performance

As a subsidiary of the VW engaged in affordable cars, Skoda also provoked issued a compact people carrier. The car is already planned to go into production in 2016. Skoda Octavia 2017 will be born as the name implies relying on relief space and spacious. Although not as strange as Peugeot Partner or Renault, but basic city car mixed European-style van still gives a strange impression. According to the authors actually seemed two types of cars are put together, the profit could be accommodated see the wide grille and headlights and so sweet chariot so strong impression. The car is valued at £ 12.285 – £ 15.855 million.


Dashboard layout of Skoda Octavia 2017 is neat and tidy and good driving, typical of European people carrier buildup. Judging by the front side, the dashboard is laid out nicely and the quality of the manufacture of certain classes of Europe.


Exterior and Safety

Skoda who had come to our country is the Skoda Octavia where it is far away from the rival Toyota Camry. This car can sometimes be found on the streets of capital cities. Yup, this car does most of the consumption of the ambassadors, mainly from Europe especially the Czech ambassador. Characteristic sold from Republic cars is almost similar to the Toyota here. It is luxury at an affordable price. But the difference of Toyota is prioritizing understated luxury combined with modernity. On the other hand, Skoda applies aristocratic style of luxury Mercedes-Benz.