Technology Performance of 2017 Corvette Z06


General Motors has introduced its latest sports car, the all-new 2017 Corvette Z06, with fierce black appearance, in the automotive exhibition Geneva Motor Show 2016. As champion Le Mans GTE Pro C7R 2015 Corvette, Corvette Grand Sport combines the lightweight architecture, aerodynamics package racing, Michelin tires, and a machine that is really inspiring. Heritage-inspired design cues and exclusive features as recognition of the historic heritage of the Grand Sport, which was built in 1963 to become the world’s best sports car – long ambition Chevrolet.

Engine and Performance

2017 Corvette Z06 has V8 engine fitted which produces maximum power of 460 horsepower (343 kW), with an active exhaust and oil-powered dryers. The car is available in a 7-speed manual transmission with active rev and 8-speed paddle-shift. Adding aero element that is focused on the racing track, the Grand Sport is also equipped with a special insert on the front fenders, grille style Z06 expanded. Grand Sport models are offered with a color palette of interior and exterior. Heritage packages available including fender graphics in six colors, with detail hash-mark is added to the aluminum clad interior trim.


Only five 2017 Corvette Z06 were produced at that time before the company’s decision. GM engineers have adjusted the chassis tuning, improving cooling systems, and technology performance Corvette Z06 to deliver new capabilities to the Grand Sport commensurate with the revelation of racing history. For the first time, buyers can complete the Grand Sport with the Z07 performance package and a carbon fiber aero package that provides the right down force.

Exterior and Safety

As a result, the 2017 Corvette Z06 package is able to finish one second faster than the track record of the previous generation Corvette ZR1 at the GM Milford Proving Ground. As fast cars, Grand Sport is equipped with summer tires and supported by system Brembo brakes with 14-inch (355 mm) rotors and calipers six pistons in front, and 13.4-inch (340 mm) rotors and four-piston calipers in the rear.


The combination of SUV design style stout, powerful engine, and wrapped with a luxurious interior and full features available on this car is really served to meet the needs of consumers. Nothing is wrong with this car that is finally able to steal the public’s attention and make it as one of the best vehicles. Well after seeing their road map which makes us dumbfounded is that Corvette Z06 still dare to add them. Whereas other manufacturers are generally busy to actually cut the whole line up unprofitable sales. Interesting is indeed seen from the development of this car especially by releasing versions of their double cabin. What do you think of this? Tell us in the comments below.