The thing expected appeals in Wrangler 2017


Wrangler 2017 is considered by many as a dream car that will provide maximum comfort and pleasant sensation during the drive. Views from 2017 Wrangler indeed cannot be dismissed – there are a lot of positive changes that we can get that for sure will be to maximize the performance and appearance. Then, when this car will be released to the market? Well, the information for a release date yet to be confirmed by the Jeep, but we can be sure this car will be available in 2017, which certainly will not be much longer for us to wait. Before that, let’s see the improvements specification for this car.

Engine and performance

Wrangler 2017 comes with several features that are able to grab the attention of many people that is believed to be one of the excellent among similar cars. When compared with the previous model – Jeep Wrangler 1996, then there are many differences that we can get. In the past, Wrangler comes with several options which can generate varying strength. For the standard model, we can get the power of 148 kW and torque of 270 lb-ft. As for 2017 Wrangler, we are able to gain greater power by using some variation of different machines.


What do you expect from the interior of this Wrangler 2017? It’s good news when you asked about this car because the interior comes with more sporty cabin and passenger seats. We all know that the previous Wrangler got bad review on the cabin because the look is not as tough as other Jeep cars. That is why in this year, Jeep improves the cabin and the style of the interior to make it look cool yet giving high quality dashboard features.


Exterior and safety

Let us start from the exterior of the car where the car has a combined chrome bumpers at the front and rear, offered with headlamps and tail light are that equipped with projector lamp (can be replaced with aftermarket lamp shape – LED and HID), black door mirrors can be adjusted externally, equipped with electric window on the back, comes with side and rear steps made of chrome along with tinted glass, and many others.  For the first time when you see this car, you might think about Ford Bronco that has similar look to it but actually there are several differences that you might like more into this Jeep car.