Toyota 2017 Models Prices


The Toyota 2017 models release the information regarding the price of each mode in July 2016. And so here we are to share you the price of these Toyota 2017 models – specifically, Yaris, 2017 Prius Liftback, Yaris iA, RAV4 and RAv4 Hyrbid and lastly, Sienna.


It is claimed that the Yaris has the price that starts from $15,250 – specifically the L grade that is paired with a manual transmission. And for the highest price of this Yaris applies to the sporty SE grade with an automatic transmission – it costs around $18,000.

2017 Prius Liftback

This is another one of the Toyota 2017 models with the price that has been released.  This 2017 Prius Liftback is a little bit pricey than the Yaris with the excellent features and performance. 2017 Prius Liftback’s price ranges from $24,685 to $30,015. The cheapest price is for the Prius Two Grade while highest goes to the Prius Four Touring.

2017 Prius Liftback

Yaris iA

Well, this certain Yaris is named Yaris iA because the Scion iA is to be combined with the Toyota in 2017. As per usual, there will be redesigns and upgrades such as the Toyota exterior badging that has been improved and the interior which is important to preserve our comfort during the ride. And just for your information, Yaris iA will be maintaining monospec for this certain 2017 version. The Yaris iA price for the manual transmission starts from $15,950 and as for the automatic, $17,050.

RAV4/RAV4 Hybrid

The base price of the RAV4 gas models start with $24,910 (4×2 LE) and as for the 4×4 Platinum grade, it starts from $36,150. The base price of the RAV4 Hybrid XLE ranges from $29,030 while the premium RAv4 Hybrid limited is $34,030, way higher from both the Yaris and 2017 Prius Liftback. However, the new SE grade for RAV4 gas and RAV4 Hybrid grades have not been announced but, they are planning to announce the price in the near future.


Sienna is also one of the Toyota 2017 models vehicles that Toyota prepared for that are going to be released. Sienna costs around $29,750 but, that is for the Siena L seven-passenger 4×2 while the Sienna Limited Premium seven-passenger-all-wheel-drive is priced around $47,310.

Well, so what do you think of these wonderful vehicles? Choose carefully and choose the vehicle that suits your budget the most! Hopefully, we are able to help you with this Toyota 2017 Models Price article.

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