Toyota Corolla 2018: Gone the Old Style, Welcoming the New Design


So, what should you expect from the upcoming Toyota Corolla 2018? Well, as one of the oldest lines in the auto world, it would be just logical to expect some improvements and changes for the line. The new 2018 model will be the 11th generation of the line so it is only normal if you want to see some updated versions from the 2011 model. If Toyota doesn’t do something about it, the Corolla will be a memory


There have been some images of what are said to be Toyota Corolla 2018 redesign but the company hasn’t said anything about it. In fact, they have been awfully quiet about the whole thing. But if you take a look at the design, you will see that there is a combination of the signature Corolla style with the new updates. Hopefully, the redesign plan will work just fine and Toyota can really have their refreshed line that won’t disappoint anyone.

Price and Release Date

Again, there haven’t been any updates and news about the new Corolla but it is expected that it should be ready at dealerships at the end of 2017 – the beginning of 2018 should be the latest. For the price, Toyota is trying to push the price as low as possible. The price for the base is predicted to start from around $18,000 but let’s wait for further news and updates, shall we?

Engine and Specs

The new Toyota Corolla 2018 will get some options such as the three cylinder 1.5 liter for the base engine. There is a possibility that they are going to use 4 cylinder 1.8 liter engine as well as the turbocharged type. The expected output may start from 100 bhp to 180 bhp. Will there be turbo power or hybrid power? There hasn’t been any mention of that but keep your fingers crossed, you may get what you want.


There hasn’t been any details about the exterior appearance of the new Corolla but simply looking at the images have said volumes. For the interior cabin, it is expected that the new ride will come with better materials and additions of features. Safety features, new consoles, improved layout and many more are expected from this ride. Hopefully, the Toyota Corolla 2018 redesign will also improve the performance as well as the aesthetic value.