Toyota Corolla Redesign, Reviews and Photos


Toyota Corolla Redesign is kind of Toyota-made cars which can be considered old age, because of his charming and keep up with the times. This car is still favored by many people even this type of car receives the title as the king of the compact sedan in Indonesia. This car includes premium class cars that have the appearance of luxury and class.

Engine and Performance

Toyota Corolla Redesign has 3ZR machine – FE which has a 4-cylinder with 16 valves and DOHC technology which DualVVT-i with ACIS with a cylinder capacity of 2000 cc and can produce a maximum torque of 21.0 kgm at 3600 atm machine rotation. For maximum power, reaches 158 ps at 6200 rpm engine rotation. As for the tank, it has a size of 55 liters which uses gasoline and without timbale, and to use technology combustion systems with a fuel injection system electrically, so this car has advantages in terms of fuel more efficient and suitable for daily use. At Toyota corolla for the front suspension uses McPherson Strut with coil springs and stabilizer, while the rear uses torsion beam with coil springs and stabilizer. As for the transmission system, it uses a 6-speed manual transmission. For the braking system uses ventilated discs front and to the rear using drum. This car has an elegant appearance and slim because it has dimensions of 4540 x 1465 mm.

Exterior and Safety

Toyota Corolla Redesign is also found lovers of classic cars Toyota corolla. They are even proud to use old cars are, it’s not because this car has a characteristic not shared by other cars, and to modify the old car with the new engine it will produce a classic car unique because the specifications of the car and its classic form, so if you want to become a user of this car then you do not necessarily have to buy a new car output, but you can also modify old cars.

For the price, Toyota Corolla Redesign can be divided into three types of variants, namely: the type 2. 0 V, while for type 1. 8 G and for type 1. 8 E. The price of this car is not so expensive, but the advantages of this car are superior to any other type of car. So many people are looking for this car, because it is now also found bevy of lovers Toyota corolla in which the majority of young people, is because it is felt this type of car has the impression and more value than others.