Toyota Fortuner 2017 Engine Specs and Redesign


Toyota Fortuner 2017 is a reliable SUV Toyota manufacturing output. SUV type car is included in the ranks of premium cars with a myriad of achievements. The director adventure ever proves the reliability of this car by following a trip to enjoy the exoticism of the Earth of our country starting from little island with past nine provinces and five volcanoes and came to the capital city. No doubt, this car is tough and classy.

Engine and Performance

Toyota Fortuner 2017 famous luxury car is usually used by the upper class. Price of Toyota Fortuner is quite valuable with the lowest deals amounting to approximately USD 400 million. The high prices are certainly comparable to the quality we get. Toyota Fortuner is using TR-Fe 2 machines with type 4 IL, 16 valve, DOHC, VVT-i / 4IL, 16 Valve, DOHC, and VVT-I with engine capacity of 2,694 cc. The maximum power is generated at 160.4 ps at engine speed 5,200 rpm, and maximum torque of 24.6 kgm is generated at the engine speed of 3,600 rpm. A tank capacity of 65 liters of fuel in the form of Unleaded Gasoline is equipped with a fuel system Electronic Fuel Injection.


The car of Toyota Fortuner 2017 is equipped with an automatic four transmission speed. The choice of Toyota Fortuner includes air conditioning,

Exterior and Safety

Smoothing body outline makes the exterior smooth. All these changes have translated Toyota Fortuner from academically-family car in the category of operator used for business purposes.

After successfully become a premium SUV from Toyota, of course the price and specifications will be different from other SUV car. Although this car is priced fairly expensive, the car is still preferred by some people. Toyota Fortuner is offered with various types, including the New Fortuner 2.7 VA / T at a price of US $ 511.4 million, New Fortuner 2.7 G Lux A / T with a price of USD 460.05 million, New Fortuner 2.5 GA / T at a price of USD 415.7 million, New Fortuner 2.5 GM / T at a price of US $ 405.6 million, New Fortuner 2.5 GA / T TRD Diesel at USD 446.2 million, New Fortuner 2.5 GM / T TRD Diesel at USD 436.1 million, New Fortuner 2.7 GA / T LUX Gasoline TRD with the price of Rp 489,000. The cars of Toyota Fortuner 2017 mentioned above are the price for our area.

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