Toyota Fortuner 2017 TRD Specs, Review and Photos


The manufacturer of this Toyota Fortuner 2017 TRD was already proven its quality in any kind of type of car that is already in it. All are proved to success in any type of car. All kinds of car types have the different price and one price of this car is reached more than 400 million. The price is very fitting to what will be on offer by this car. For you who want to know about the specifications and price, you can see below. Read Also : Toyota Fortuner 2017 Comes Beyond The Customers Expectations

Engine and Performance

Toyota Fortuner 2017 is a sedan that has a fairly strong performance and more aggressive premises with a capacity of 1798 cc engine with engine type 2ZR-FE. Of course, the machine is capable of reaching high speeds enough. Besides, the machines have a strong performance. There are also features that will spoil the automotive buddy while driving. Security and safety features are also applied in this car that gives a sense of comfort more.


Comfort in any type of car types is already being prioritized and to stop the pace of this Toyota Fortuner 2017 TRD. Toyota has equipped the system with the type Ventilated disc braking while the braking system for the rear drum is manifold. Both the braking system is good enough to halt the pace of this car, the braking system in the dressing with the wheels that have the size 205/55 R16 91V tires. Suspension and toe contained on this car is proven good quality.


Exterior and Safety

In any type of car, Toyota Fortuner 2017 has an appearance that is elegant, sporty and luxurious. When we take a look at it, on the front of the car features a manifold projector and also the city lights that can emit light so clear. In addition, bumper design has small size and there makes their Chrome looks more futuristic in front fog lamp and adding lighting. While for its back, it has the rear combination lamp that is more sporty and elegant. Meanwhile, for the dimensions, it has length 4620 mm, width 1776 mm and height cars car 1460 mm. With a wheelbase measuring 2700 mm and have the size of the front foot distance in 1517 and the size of the rear foot within 1522. This car also has the weight of 1250 kg, the size of these dimensions is quite ideal for this sedan type car. The car is very ready to invite you walk in the streets with terrain design.