Toyota Hilux Sport Facts: History and Information


Toyota Hilux Sport pickup truck, as the name suggested, came from Japan. You can see it from the brand name – Toyota and Japan is well-known for the production of some of the greatest cars like Honda, Suzuki and a lot more. Toyota is not an exception – it also belongs in the category of those excellent brands. Isn’t that wonderful?


Toyota Hilux Sport appeared for the very first time in 1967 and of course, it was being launched in Japan since Toyota is founded by Japanese. At the end of 1970s, the product is at its highest peak that sold more than 12 million around the world. Because of that, Toyota gained a good reputation. In 2005, the car started to go international by selling their products in Europe. The sixth generation of the cars are made to be able to be used during work and also, leisure activity which were what the Toyota designers worked for. As it goes, the pickup became widely used and received good reputation. Especially, farms needed those. The sales went well and solid. That’s about the history of Toyota Hilux Sport.

toyota hilux sport cruiser



Improvement is necessary and that’s what exactly Toyota does which is the reason why the Toyota car company received wide recognition with a great reputation. First off, the Toyota new pickup is being offered in two complete sets: five-seater (Double Cab) and double cabin (Single Cab) and you can pick it based on your preference or need. The length of this Toyota Hilux Sport is now 5130 mm, 340 mm longer than before. Length is not the only one with that endured a change, the wheelbase too which is now 3085 mm wide. The change of the size caused more room than before that makes the driving extra comfortable and better.

The double cab allows five passengers and even with 5 people inside, you can still be comfortable. Also, if you want to save some space, you can fold the rear seat which can be used for various things : putting luggage, boxes and a lot more. The width also changed, now the single cab 60 mm wider with double cab only 45 mm. The height remained the same though. High quality materials like the special shock-resistant covered cabin walls make the Toyota Hilux Sport even all the more better.

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