Toyota Introducing Its Toyota Verso 2017


Toyota re-introduces one type of new car class MPV. Seen from the features that brought, Price of latest Toyota Verso 2017 will align with the Honda Odyssey Hybrid in 465 million. Although it is uncertain prices precisely but it is likely magnitude would be in that number. With the presence of this car, Toyota shows already complete family of luxurious and elegant Toyota MPV class passenger cars. According to information obtained from various news sources, Automotive World car Toyota is most recent and will be available in three types of options that can be selected according to needs such as Family, VIP and for the most common needs.

Engine and Performance

For specifications, this latest MPV Toyota Verso 2017 will use fuel with a capacity of 1.6 liters and 2.0 liters. The power of the machine can spew amount of power to 95 hp to 174 hp. Power of the engine itself is nothing special on a par with the output of other cars in 2016.


Cars with even smaller dimensions of these Toyota revealed form back as new arrival which has undergone an update on the interior design and also safe. With touches of more modern, of course, makes the car of Toyota Verso 2017 fresher and not leave the impression of elegance. Carrying the upper middle class, Verso form is fairly large with a definite shape airy then power it can certainly ride transports passengers. As seen in the picture, likely this car can carry up to nine passengers. With variations of the placement of seats, it can be adjusted as needed. To enhance cabin, this tiny MPV has given more polish rim steering wheel, leather wrapping material provided on the gear lever also makes it classier. Then, on the center console, there is also pinned color as it appears on the handbrake lever.


Exterior and Safety

Security features and new cabins lounge emblazoned on new Toyota verso. Do you remember the mini version of the Toyota verso MPV? Yes, the car MPV that was introduced the first time at the Paris Motor Show has now come back, of course, with a new appearance. This tiny MPV is to bring in terms of exterior design is still a long face, but if you view parts cabin space has been given some new models with more modern touch.

There is no a lot of info about Toyota Verso 2017, but we will continue to gather further information development, especially will the new Toyota Verso for incoming National Market. We wait for the latest news in the coming months, likely this car will be sold next year.