Toyota Land Cruiser 2018: The Last Existence?


There have been several plans and works in store for the upcoming Toyota Land Cruiser 2018. Some trims are probably added – to spice things up – as well as some refreshment works that are designed for this line. But what other plans are made and planned by Land Cruiser and Toyota? We should find it out soon enough.


Land Cruiser has been in the market for around a decade, and the line has gained a pretty positive feedback and outcome. Most people say that the key strength of the line lies on the offroad ability as well as the great comfort. But it is also possible that the company finally decides to stop the production so it is highly likely that this Toyota Land Cruiser 2018 will be the last and the final production of this line. This is probably one of the main reasons why Toyota is adding more trims so they can boost the sales number.


The new model will likely use the same structure that has been used by the Land Cruiser for almost a decade, which means that it will come with the body on frame model. Running gear or small facelift will be included in the new production but with improved models. Rumor has it that the new Cruiser may get an additional TRD Pro trim with stiffer springs, Bilstein shocks, higher tires and wheels, ,and also higher ground clearance. But that’s still the rumor because Toyota hasn’t confirmed it.

But Toyota claims that the new Toyota Land Cruiser 2018 will be completely different from the previous one. The front end will be revised with the new headlights and bigger hexagonal grille. If the so called TRD Pro will be designed, it may look similar with the regular TRD – but with improved features and looks, and highly likely bold new colors. For the interior cabin, the combination of aluminum, real wood, and fine leather will make the new ride more interesting – as well as improving the comfort and convenience.


For the US market, there will be only one engine option whereas other markets will receive more than one option. For the US market, it will be coming with V8 naturally aspirated engine with 5.7 liter capacity that is delivering 381 hp of power. When paired with auto eight speed transmission, the driving performance of the new Toyota Land Cruiser 2018 will be easy, fast, and smooth.