Toyota Prado 2017 Interior And Exterior Design Review


The brand new Prado 2017 is the fifth generation of the SUV version. For past couple of years, this car has been provided by the Toyota Company in a couple of different models and a couple of different variants. Its predecessor was launched in the year of 2019 and many auto reviewers claimed that this car was the fourth generation of its kind. The fifth generation model will be the segment of Land Cruiser. This car will be larger than its predecessor and also comes with a couple of more accessories and features.

Exterior and Interior

The brand new Prado 2017 will feature exterior that will come with new LED lights in terms of rear and also back guard that will be used in order to protect the new body. The back and front sash come with outlines which have been increased and a couple of changes that are offered in the exterior of this car will make this car more optimal. This SUV comes with the lines that are elegant and fluent. There are new paint hues and new compound wheel that are also available for this car. This car is very sophisticated so that you can to drive it at a glance.

Prado 2017 Redesign

The brand new Toyota Prado 2017 comes with interior that has high quality leather upholstery and the dashboard with the new setup. The car also comes with infotainment system which is designed with central touch screen and is completed with TFT configurable show screen that is completed with instrumentation cluster. The dashboard comes with dark trims in order to increase the elegance. The interior of the car is also made from high quality material and the controls are very easy to use. It will eliminate the problem of the driver by the controls which are equipped with this car. The capacity of seating of this car is dependent on the version. There are a couple of features that you can have from this Prado 2017 such as smart start and entry system, halogen lights, cruise control, power socket, parking sensor and rearview camera, Bluetooth and USB connectivity, AC system, infotainment system which is supported with FM and Am radio, and airbags for every passenger.  There is also a couple of security systems which are equipped and also these includes traction control, control assists for downhill and hill, and a couple of some others.

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