Toyota Prius 2018: Future Hybrid Promise


The hybrid variant has undergone quite a change in 2016 so it is possible that the upcoming Toyota Prius 2018 will be coming without any updates or refreshment at all – carrying over the design in 2017. After all, Toyota has done quite an impressive update back then in 2016 – which was pretty good and fashionable – so it is possible that the design will continuously used to the 2018 new model.


If the new Toyota Prius 2018 will be coming as the carryover from the 2017 model, the standard features should be the same, such as the LED automatic headlights, the 15 inch wheels alloy, the heated special mirror, the infotainment touchscreen display, the rearview camera, the keyless entry, and many more features to come. Although it is possible that Toyota won’t be making any new changes, there is also a possibility that they may add the features to make the options more attractive.

Safety is the main concern for Toyota so there are going to be addition to the features, it is most likely that they are going to add the more advanced safety features –probably make them the standard.

What to Expect?

Toyota Prius 2018 liftback should be expected as the only design option – for now, at least. But it won’t hurt if Toyota can consider having another format, such as the C subcompact or the V wagon. Those two models will likely look great and impressive with Prius technology – and people always love it when there are more than one option to satisfy their automotive needs.


What about the engine? Will there be any changes too? Well, it seems that Toyota has a positive opinion about their current powertrain so it is highly likely that the engine arrangement will also remain the same. With four cylinder 1.8 liter engine that is matched up with the electric motor, producing 121 hp of power, the ride has a very good performance as well as impressive fuel economy system – 52 mpg combined. If you are looking for more power, you can choose Prius Prime, the plug-in type, which can reach 22 miles alone on the electric engine.

Price and Release Date

Rumor has it that the new Prius will begin production around November so the next sales date should happen around February in 2018. There hasn’t been any official confirmation about the price but there should be a slight increase from the 2017 model, which means that the new Toyota Prius 2018 price may start from $26,000 to $30,000.