Toyota Release Its Special Sedan Coupe, Toyota Corolla 2017


Not only creative with different variants of the luxury sedan at the Dallas Auto Show in 2016 some time ago, from its original country, Japan, the giant automaker back to spawn a privileged lineage of Toyota Corolla. If at DAS 2016, latest series of Corolla series are wrapped in Toyota Corolla Altis Esport Nurburging Edition, now Corolla 2017 series, which will be launched in thye near future, is famous as the home of the automobile supplier throughout the world.

The most significant improvement are visible from the exterior. Wrap sporty arranged beautifully mixed with the original design of the Corolla which basically famous for its luxury. Moreover Toyota Corolla 2017 is also equipped with Toyota’s philosophy of ‘Keen Look’ which is now applied to the whole generation of Toyota. The safety system would not be a problem when driving with the Axio. Based on the alert response some time ago, it is much more resilient to the provisions of special software incorporated in driver safety as the Toyota Safety Sense C.

The protection package described in some featured services such as lasers and cameras had been installed in the Corolla 2017. When the car is speeding or doing parking, will no longer be found because the blind-spot sensors will work quickly to respond to every object that moves or even approached the car. In addition, it will also automatically secure condition of the car, if there is accident with Pre-crash Safety system (PCS) and Lane Departure Alert (LDA). Talking about performance, the Corolla 2017 has an engine devices such as 2WD + CVT 1.5 liters (2NR-FKE) with high efficiency and great power. Toyota even dares to set a super minimalistic fuel consumption up to 23.4 mpg.

For the exterior, Toyota Corolla 2017 is using trapezoidal grille size (below) and a horizontal line (above). Add elegance with LED lights. Forms bumper, grille exactly match with the entire body of the new Axio. The repositioning of the rear lights creates a sense of luxury. Available exterior color choices Orange Metallic, Cool Bordeaux Glass Flake (optional). There are some available special colors for this new Corolla Axio such as Vintage Brown Pearl Crystal Shine (optional).

The latest development of the Corolla 2017 will make everyone amazed.They will easily feel tied to your success in success with the new Corolla.But you do not forget the important role prayers because you would not be happy without prayer.