Tremendous Specification Of 2017 Honda Accord Sedan


2017 Honda Accord Sedan has outstanding packaging, appealing handling, easy ride, and unquestionable quality. The previous car brought significant update for its interior, exterior, safety and some technologies. There were lane-keeping assist, adaptive cruise control, and more safety features.

Honda Accord Sedan as a four-door sedan or a two-door coupe will continue to present four-cylinder and six-cylinder engine options. Its 185-hp 4-cylinder engine (2.4 liters) is offered with a 6-speed manual or a CVT (continuously variable automatic transmission). Accord Sport Special Edition and standard Accord Sport will add 4 horsepower and some features, like: bigger brakes, 19” wheels, rear lip spoiler and side sills. Accord EX-L is designed with 3.5-liter, 278-hp V-6. Its driver can select a 6-speed manual transmission.

Finally, for the 2017 Honda Accord Sedan, you will see a 4-cylinder Atkinson-cycle2.0-liter, and 2 AC generators combined with 212 horsepower. The fuel economy figures of the V-6 manual coupe span 18/28 mpg city/highway. For the hybrid sedan, the fuel-economy figures span 49/47-mpg.

All Accords are completed with some standard features, like: Bluetooth, automatic climate control, cruise controls, audio, and rearview camera.  Accord LX-S coupe and Accord LX sedan are also got those features. You can use Accord line, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and navigation system on higher trim levels.

Do you want to know the dimensions of 2017 Honda Accord Sedan? I will give you the information. The Wheelbase of this car is about 107.3-109.3 in.The length is 189.5-194.1 in. Its width is 72.8-73.0 in and its height is 56.5-57.7 in. The passenger volume is 93-103 cu ft and the cargo volume is 13-16 cu ft. Its curb weight is around 3200-3600 lb. Honda Accord is spacious, comfortable, enjoyable to drive and fuel-efficient. It can be easily navigated through full parking lot. It has huge rear seat so it can provide enough space to move comfortably. It also offers some important safety features. It will bring energetic performance.

2017 Honda Accord Sedan Interior

Honda has created great car, but it is not without flaws. Its transmission is still unsuccessful for the enhanced traditional multi-speed automatics compared with the transmission owned by Accord’s competitors. For the higher model, some people expect that Honda will add volume knob for touchscreen infotainment system.

Do you want to know the price of 2017 Honda Accord Sedan? The price is various from $23,190 up to $36,790.  The price of LX Sedan is $23,190. For Sport Sedan, you can buy it with the price of $25,250. Touring Hybrid Sedan has the highest price. You need to prepare $36,790 for buying it.

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