VolksWagen 2017 Jetta Hybrid: New VW Sensation with Full Reinforcements


2017 Jetta Hybrid – Carmaker Volkswagen (VW) plans to launch a new model Jetta Hybrid in Germany in 2017. VW introduced the model to the public for the first time in the automotive exhibition Los Angeles in 2016, as quoted on Monday. According to Volkswagen spokeperson, a car manufacturer which based in Germany, the VW Jetta Hybrid will be available in Germany in mid April 2017.

Engine and Performance

Volkswagen Jetta latest hybrid uses gasoline turbocharged 1.4-liter that produces 147 hp (150 PS) and a peak torque can reach 184 lbs-ft, while the power of electric motors produce power of 20 kW (27 HP) with a peak power of 168 HP (170 PS). The model uses a seven-speed transmission with double clutch standard. Jetta Hybrid spend 4.1 L for 100 km (57.4 mpg US / 68.9 mpg UK) and CO2 emissions by 95 g / km.


Although the 8 inch touch screen has large icons that are easy to be touched with a finger, but the owner also can control the system via two buttons and eight buttons arranged just below the screen, or by voice commands or buttons on the steering wheel. Everything works very intuitive, and the system responds quickly. Jetta also plans to add 4G LTE connectivity with Wi-Fi hotspot. Another major change in the cabin 2017 Jetta Hybrid is the design of the steering wheel, which is now more comfortable in the hand. Moreover, it is already equipped with heating, which is very useful when entering the winter in countries with four seasons. However, if in a tropical country like our country, this feature is also very helpful when night or early morning, especially during rainy weather. Broadly speaking, the cabin atmosphere is still the same as the previous model, the ‘clean’ and has a dashboard layout that is friendly for users with key line that is easily accessible and convenient to operate.


Exterior and Safety

2017 Jetta is also quieter, so you cannot feel that the car is speeding thanks to the softness of the suspension, cool damping, and gentle boost engine power. It also offered features of the front wheels, but it seems most people would prefer AWD system or motion all-wheel system. This system can fully transmit engine power to the front or rear wheels if required. Working with this way, you will no longer feel the loss of traction while traversing slippery roads or when the road steep uphill climb.

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