Volvo XC40 2017: The Luxury along the Line


There have been some updates about the existence of Volvo XC40 2017. First of all, the ride has gone into winter testing period which means that they are almost coming to an end. Second, the new design will be coming with a new hatchback design, inspired from V40 model. Third, it is expected that an electric petrol hybrid engine will be made available. And finally, this ride should be ready by the end of 2017 – hopefully.


There hasn’t been any confirmation about the overall design and style for the Volvo XC40 2017, the ride has gone through attesting stage which is a good thing. Testing means closing to the end. Considering that this variant will compete against GLC Mercy, X1 Beemer, and Q2 Audi, Volvo has a lot of tough and challenging works to do. After all, this is a small SUV crossover segment so it should have all the promising features and elements. Based on the image, it is quite clear how the ride will look like after the production.


This upcoming luxury line is based on the 40.1 idea with some minor changes on the back. Expect the so-called LED headlight ‘Thor’s Hammer’ style with muscular front side bumper and also L brake lights. However, it seems that the new Volvo XC40 2017 will only use the partial design and idea of the 40.1 concept. From the test mule, it is obvious that the rear door has the door handle mounted placed right on the pillar area.

For the interior cabin, it is highly likely that this line will be sharing components and elements with the XC60. It is possible that there will be infotainment vertically oriented touchscreen system for better navigation and control of everything. Upgraded stereo and bigger screen may be added as the optional feature. Moreover, the interior cabin will have a plush and comfortable area, enough to accommodate five people comfortably – and still have enough room for cargo.  Features, like collision avoidance, lane assist, or cruise control, will be added.


The vehicle will be using petrol three cylinder and four cylinder engine. The T5 hybrid will come with three cylinder engine and electric motor, delivering 74 hp of power. If this is true, it is possible that the hybrid system can reach 30 miles alone on electric – improving ability and performance. This Volvo XC40 2017 may be coming with £25,000 and be ready by the end of 2017.