Volvo XC60 2018: The Compact Power and Performance


If you are looking for a smaller crossover without compromising elegance, style, and performance, why not considering Volvo XC60 2018? There are loads of things to love about the ride, especially about the power and the compact size. It is more compact and smaller, alright, when paired with the XC90 but you can be sure that the premium feel and the exclusivity are just the same. After all, we are talking about Volvo here, a brand that has been internationally coined with quality, luxury, and fashion.


Although the XC60 has been around for almost nine years, the first variant that made into the platform was the XC90. The bigger crossover managed to start a new trend in the big crossover market with all the sophisticated and premium design. Then, the company decided to create the V90 wagon and the S90 sedan with the similar performance and power. And then it was the time that Volvo had decided that they want to create something more compact and smaller without compromising the real quality and performance. And then the XC60 was created.


Nine years ago, the XC60 was launched and the Volvo XC60 2018 will be the time when Volvo does something about it. Yes, the XC60 still retains some of the XC90 elements but it is going to be some refreshing introduction for the new model without compromising the real basic design. As you can see from the silhouette, the headlights with Thor’s hammer model, and the big vertical taillights, some of the XC90 elements are still there although not too enhanced.


Although there hasn’t been any official confirmation or detailed information about the changes happening to the new XC60, Volvo is claiming that they are going to do some refreshment work for the line so you should expect something newer or different. Changes will be happening on the outside as well as the inside without leaving out the signature style of Volvo. With minimum dashboard layout and Sensus Connect vertical infotainment screen, the ambiance in the interior cabin will be exclusive and plush. Expect Orrefors shifter crystal inserts in the new Volvo XC60 2018.


For the engine, the ride will be coming with T8 with plug in hybrid model, delivering 407 hp. There will also be T5 gas with 254 hp and also T6 turbocharger and supercharger with 320 hp. Sounds like a great deal from the new Volvo XC60 2018?