Who Waits 2017 Dodge Dart? It’s close!


Who does not know Dodge? It’s weird to see people that don’t see Dodge as one of leading cars that move in sport cars. For those who love sporty cars, this Dodge car may have been familiar. It’s been 2016 and 2017 Dodge Dart has been spreading to the news. 2017 will be the great year for Dodge fans. As we know that there might be some changes for improvements. Upgrading always becomes the most waited thing when another version of car is appearing next years. Usually, if the gap between the issue and the release is a year, it’s pretty sure that the production is in progress.

Engine and Performance

There is no big deal of change for engine and performance but as calling the 2017 Dodge Dart as upgraded version of car, there will be more powerful engine coming. It will come with 2.4 liter inline engine so you can get 285 horse power and 25 pound feet of torque. The efficiency is just magnificent so you will get the maximum potential power like 350 horsepower. The gearbox is still manual but there is nothing wrong with transmission because almost all Dodge fans love having manual ones.


Seeing the interior of 2017 Dodge Dart must be excited. The interior has modern look and saving more energy features. Coming with high quality of 6 speakers, it  will give you memorable experience in hearing some good music and beats. The big deal is clearly seen in cabin room that it’s pretty roomy but look space saving. The dashboard looks cool with availability to utilize laptop and high tech LCD screen.

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Exterior And Safety

When you see the cool and tough 2017 Dodge Dart, you may be stunned because the exterior is just so amazing. The redesigned look that appears in newest version of Dodge Dart is minimalist but it is still cool as well. The design is just edgy and sporty that makes people think that it’s compact and aggressive. The look is just too captivating especially for fans that will look at it. In the front look, you will get two big pipelines. The bold red and chrome paint makes this car look more aggressive than previous version. There is no major change in tire but it still comes with same tire. The safety of this car is no doubt because we have known that almost all Dodge cars come with high standard of safety. If you want this car, you need to prepare about $30.000 to get this cool car