Wounded Warrior Car Donation: Respecting the Wounded


What is Wounded Warrior car donation all about? Well, it is basically about respecting and honoring our protectors who have given up everything for us. Donating the car is the least that we can do for these wounded soldiers. Considering that they have given up everything, it is only logical if you can give at least something to honor them and to make their hardship less difficult.

What the Program Is about

Do you realize that thousands, or even millions, of soldiers are injured and wounded in the battlefield. They have risked their lives for us. They basically sacrifice everything they have to be on the front line of the battlefield. They have to leave their family behind. They have to risk their lives. They even have to get wounded to make sure that the rest of us are safe – being able to sleep soundly and peacefully.

Sometimes, the injuries aren’t physical but more to the emotional – which can be destructive and even more painful. These people have to fight against their own ghost and shadow. Sometimes they have to deal with the physical wound and emotional scars – which can be a difficult combination. You may be able to cure and heal your physique but sometimes the emotional scar will remain. It is tough because you will have to deal with the complicated situation – sometimes affecting your relationship with others. It is possible that the emotional scar leads to emotional traumatic experience and stress. It makes you distant. It ruins your relationship with your loved ones. Sometimes, it gets so difficult that you can’t function properly in social circle, at work, or any other situation.

So, how does the Wounded Warrior car donation can help? Well, the foundation requires financial support and assistance from donors, and any kind of donation will help – especially the one that can make money. When you donate a car, the Wounded Warrior foundation will sell it to raise money and the money will be used to finance their activities and actions. The more people willing to donate money or cars, the more money the foundation can raise – it will definitely affect the financial stance of the foundation. So, in the event that you have an old and unused car, and you want to do good deeds for others, you can consider donating it to the foundation.

Understanding the Concept of Real Heroes

Being soldiers isn’t easy because you will always deal with some obvious options – survive and go home well or die while protecting the nation. If you can go home uninjured, consider yourself lucky. When you are injured, you can go through therapies and treatment or you can go disabled for the rest of your life. Those things aren’t really the nicest and most positive options available, right? That’s why the Wounded Warrior foundation is created – to help the wounded get the right treatment and care that they need while providing them with support and encouragement.

When you are doing Wounded Warrior car donation, it is not merely about donation but it’s about principle and belief. When you donate, it shows your contribution to the men and women in uniform – those who have made sure that we are all safe and sound. Donation is showing support and respect – it is about believing in heroes. When you are donating money or car, you indirectly show that you believe in real heroes. Yes, heroes DO exist – not only in stories or movies. They have sacrificed everything they have and it is only about time to get back to them.

The Process

So, how do you take parts in the Wounded Warrior car donation program, anyway? You only need to contact the provided number and a pickup service will be sent to your home – or any place convenient to you. If you don’t know the numbers, simply call the official website and you should see the Donate Here button. Click on it and they will arrange a pickup for the vehicle. The pickup process will take around 24 hours to 48 hours. Do you have to pay for the service? No need to. The pickup service is free. What requirement should you meet? Nothing, really. Even when your name has changed, the registration has expired, you can’t really find the title, the car doesn’t run, or other complications – it doesn’t matter. The foundation has dealt with many executors and trustees donating vehicle in the memory of a loved one.

If you have been thinking about selling your ride but you are still overwhelmed with the thought of having to spend extra for the repair, well…why not donating it? At least, you can skip the expensive repair cost or other troubles that are generally associated with the sales process. After all, selling is difficult – not to mention that you should deal with the repair cost. Donating is easier, and you can enjoy the tax deductible offer that comes along with the donation. When you take part in the Wounded Warrior car donation program, there are a lot of goals to achieve. You can show support to the people in the uniform – respecting them and giving back to the country. You can skip all the hassle and complication of the sales process – especially the ones who are annoying along the way. You can enjoy the tax deduction offer, giving you easy and inexpensive way to manage your tax.

It is crucial to contact the reliable staff in the Wounded Warrior foundation, making sure that no one will take advantage of your condition. Go over the process and procedure thoroughly, making sure that you understand everything. If you are still confuse, you can always contact the customer service as they will provide you with information and guidance in making the donation. If you have always wanted to do something and yet you have never felt that your chance is coming – well, now is your opportunity to do something worthy. Join the Wounded Warrior car donation and see how it makes you feel.